Lufkin Police Report - 01/04/07

ASSAULT / RECKLESS DAMAGE:  300 block of Lazy Oaks.  A recovered cell phone led to one man being treated at a hospital for a leg injury Wednesday evening.  A woman reported that she found a cell phone on the ground and took it to a man nearby to ask if it was his.  That man became irate and accused the woman of stealing the phone.  A physical altercation followed that led to an outside mirror on the woman's car being broken off.  The woman fled the altercation and struck the man with her car, leading to an unspecified leg injury.  The man said she ran over him on purpose and the woman said it was accidental.  The case was referred to detectives.

STALKING:  1400 Block of Tulane.  A woman reported that her ex-boyfriend is stalking her over a debt and came to her place of work Wednesday morning.

BURGLARY OF A BUILDING:  1100 block of Weiner St.  Uneeda Ice Company was broken into sometime Tuesday night.  A desk was rummaged through but nothing was taken.

THEFT / FORGERY:  300 block of Lazy Oaks.  A woman reported that two of her Social Security checks had been stolen in April and someone cashed them at a grocery store.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  100 block of Bluebird.  A woman reported seeing her ex-boyfriend drive by Wednesday night and she discovered that an unknown oily liquid substance had been poured on her car the next morning.

THEFT:  200 block of Gene Samford Dr.  A woman reported that her purse was stolen from behind the counter at her workplace sometime Wednesday.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT:  Medical Center Blvd.  A mail carrier reported that she was cursed out by a man as she was delivering mail.  The carrier said that she encountered the suspect inside a medical clinic and he cursed when he found an office door locked.  The man cursed the mail carrier and followed her outside continually cursing at her.  The man was stopped nearby and identified.  He said he cursed because the doctor's office was closed but didn't curse at the mail carrier.

FIREARM VIOLATION:  1800 block of Sayers.  A woman turned in a firearm her ex-boyfriend had asked her to store.  The woman learned the boyfriend is a convicted felon and turned the gun over to police.