Some Angelina County Residents Have Construction Concerns

Arturo Mojica is concerned about the construction happening on FM 706 near Hudson. He said the road was bad before the road repairs started, but now it's even worse because of all the rocks and gravel piled on top of it.

"I've been driving every day," said Mojica. "When I go for my job, I drive back and forth, back and forth every day. It's a real bad road. A long time ago it was real good, but right now, it looks real bad - a lot of holes everywhere."

The repairs began more than five months ago. Many nearby residents now wish workers would have just left the road alone.

"We can't even understand why they tore it up because, to me, it was fine," said Lela Robertson. "A lot of people were saying, 'Well, we need to just park our cars and walk because we can't even get down the road'. We hear people's cars sliding. We're afraid a car is gonna lose control and come into our house because we're on the end [of the] road."

And the bumpy road is causing more than car trouble.

"When you walk out, it's like you can't hardly breathe because the dust is so thick, and the houses were just covered with this red dust," said Robertson. "And when you look down the street, it's like you're looking through a fog."

A lot of drivers are now finding alternate routes to take to work and into town. They don't know when the repairs on FM 706 will end, but they hope their vehicles will make it through the project.

An engineer with the Texas Department of Transportation said the project should be finished by next fall, depending on the weather. TxDOT apologized for any inconvenience and encouraged drivers to slow down and find alternate routes.

The entire area between Highway 103 and Highway 94 will be completely made over. Workers got held up because the sub grade - the dirt underneath the base of the road - was in very poor condition.