Lufkin Blood Drive

by Tashun Chism

January is National Volunteer Blood Donor's Month, but that's not the only reason for a blood drive held in Lufkin on Thursday.

"On the heels of our Christmas holiday and our New Year holiday, our blood supply has been extremely depleted, which again causes great concern from patients who are counting on the blood for life," said Susan Morris of the Stewart Regional Blood Center.

Blood donations are often low in East Texas during the holiday season because many potentional donors are out of town or sick.

"We here at Woodland Heights actually use about 200 units of blood a month, so in order to help save lives, we need the public's help in order to continue to aquire blood from people," said Tara Watson of Woodland Heights Medical Center.

"We're short on basically everything. We are critical across the board on all blood types. So, if it's red, we'll take it," said David Hudson, the blood drive team leader with Stewart Regional Blood Center.

Blood type O is one of the biggest needs right now, because it's a universal type. African-American donors are also of special interest because their blood is needed for patients with sickle cell anemia. But, regardless of your race or blood type, your blood donation is important.

"When you're looking for a way to truly make a difference, you can do that without having a lot of money to donate. You can save up to three people's lives with one contribution of blood, and I think all of us would say that that's a pretty powerful way to make a difference in the local community," Susan Morris concluded.