Deep East Texas 2007 Job Outlook

by Larry Little

Many East Texans are searching job openings in the area. They are hoping to find work in the New Year.

Kansas Turner started the New Year unemployed.  Like many unemployed East Texans, Kansas spent some of her day at Workforce Solutions Thursday evening, filling out an application.  "I'm hoping I can fill this application out and they will call me within the next few days," says Ms. Turner.

The job posting board at Workforce Solutions looks a bit scarce, but Jon Bunn with Workforce Solutions says over 8,000 people in Deep East Texas found jobs in 2006, and the job outlook in 2007 looks promising. "The employers have said there are more employers looking to hire than not, so that's always a good thing and, according to our numbers, it's holding out so far," says Bunn.

Bunn admits some of the jobs are not the better paying big company jobs. "It's still better than collecting unemployment, even at minimum wage, but retail is hiring. That's good -- retail is good. Obviously, we would like for the big businesses to come in because they have better benefits and better pay," says Bunn.