Sen. Hutchison's Tax Relief Bill

News Release:

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), Chair of the Senate Republican Policy Committee, introduced several key pieces of legislation on January 4, the first day of the 110 Congress. The bills introduced include provisions to make permanent the marriage penalty tax relief, provide a permanent state sales tax deduction and ensure pension equity for all airlines, which were key priorities for Sen. Hutchison in the 109 Congress.

"Tax relief has driven the economic growth since the recession following the 9/11 attacks and extending tax cuts is a top priority," Sen. Hutchison said. "I will continue my efforts to make permanent the tax relief for married couples and provide a permanent sales tax deduction to ensure Texans and other states are treated fairly."

The Marriage Penalty Tax Relief bill would make permanent the tax relief for married couples that passed as part of President Bush's historic tax cuts in 2001.

Sen. Hutchison secured a two-year extension of the sales tax deduction in 2006, but continues to push for making this equitable deduction permanent. She introduced the Permanent State Sales Tax Deduction bill to move this issue forward in the new Congress.

In addition, Sen. Hutchison introduced a bill to provide equitable pension relief to airlines with pension plans that are not frozen.

"My bill addresses inequity in the pension reforms we passed last year to ensure that our Texas carriers receive comparable treatment," Sen. Hutchison said.