No Arrest in Year Old Club La Boom Shooting

by Larry Little

Jacquelyn Stern says her days aren't getting any easier since she lost her son Jermanine Barnes in a shooting at Club La Boom in Nacogdoches nearly one year ago. "Some days I don't even get out of the bed. It's been rough," says Jacquelyn Stern.   "It's a hole in my heart because my brother is gone but I try to find peace everyday, try to be strong for my family," says Desmond Mathis.

Family members say finding peace is difficult because Jermaine's killer is still on the loose. Authorities arrested several men after the shooting, but they were released. Jacquelyn describes her pain. "Like a blow,like you had punched me in the stomach and I lost all of my breathe, but I try to go on and I ask God. I say Lord I'm turning it over in your hands and I try to leave it alone cause I know justice will come," says Stern.

Jacquelyn is pleading for someone to help authorities solve her son's murder. "I know there are other people out there that know. It seem like they would have a heart and come forward or something. Can you imagine what this family is going through not knowing, then our loved one is gone forever. He gone forever. We can't say hi. We can't say we love you," says Stern.

We'll talk to the victim's mother about what her plans are when dealing with the owners of the club.