Part II of Unsolved Nacogdoches Nightclub Murder

by Larry Little

The gates were unlocked and opened. There is a new business at 3406 Stallings in Nacogdoches, but it is where Club La Boom use to be, the club closed shortly after the shooting death of Jermaine Barnes and troubles with the TABC. "La Boom hasn't tried to contact the family and say they were sorry or anything," says Jacquelyn Stern.

Jermaine's mother Jacquelyn Stern plans to take legal action against the property owners of Club La Boom and as for the person who killed her son. "If the young men just come and tell me. They don't have to tell law enforcement. Let me see their face and see the hurt I'm going through, show the how I feel, it just seems like if I could see their face I could get some ease," says Stern.

While Jacquelyn wants ease she says sending her son's murderer to jail wouldn't bring any relief. "If they go to jail there mom is going to be hurting just like I'm hurting because they will be away. They just won't be dead. I don't won't them to suffer but I want them to know my pain," says Stern.

If you have any information about the shooting call the Nacogdoches Sheriffs Department.