Drink Lots of Water

Blake Sylvia got to a point in his life where he needed to make a change. That is when he came up with a new diet program and lost 70 lbs.

"I was to the point, I was 270 lbs, my cholesterol was 240, I was not exercising on a consistent basis, I was in a high-stress job.  In my mind, I was the perfect candidate for a heart attack."

In the program, you drink a glass of water, before, during and after each meal.

Sylvia said, "It keeps me filled up and I'm literally never hungry."

Ranjani Reddy, a dietician for Woodland Heights Medical Center, said, "That's about 72 ozs. of water he's getting per day, which is about three glasses for each meal.  So, he's getting a full amount of water, which a lot of people don't usually do."

He began the program almost two years ago. He not only lost the weight, he has been able to maintain it. Blake also stays fit with exercise.

Now, he's even written a book, "Before, During, & After," to help others who also want to make a change.

Sylvia said, "People tell me I look 10 to 20 years younger, and that coincides with how I feel - 20 years younger."