Former Drug House Still Sitting Empty

by Ramonica R. Jones

The property sitting at 209 August Lane looks just like new, and with all the changes made to the former drug house last summer, it practically is.

"Buying this house, as old as it is, is going to give the customer, probably, the best warranty out of any used house on the market right now."

That's what Habitat for Humanity spokesperson Alex Parker told the East Texas News about 209 August Lane back in July. Six months later, the home is still empty after more than $70,000 in renovations. Some neighbors believe all that money was wasted.

"I think the fact that it was a drug house has kept people from moving in, because they have to disclose that fact to the people," said Harold Anderson.

Although the home now has custom oak cabinets, a multi-head shower, and brand new custom made doors, the asking price has dropped about $10,000 from just a few months ago. But, some folks think the changes made to the home are overrated, and the property is still over priced.

"I think they just did too much when they did it," Anderson said. "They should have put it back like it was originally. It just doesn't fit the neighborhood - all that fancy stuff they did to it."

After the renovations, the value of the $110,000 home increased by another $40,000, but neighbors said there are no buyers because that price is way too high.

The president of the Association of Deep East Texas Home Builders said, based on the quality of the home and neighborhood, the house is reasonably priced. He also said this is a slow time of the year in the real estate business.