How High is Your Electric Bill?

When Zavalla residents met at JR's cafe, there was no question about what they were discussing... their high electric bills.

Billy Flurry, a Zavalla resident, said, "This one is ridiculous.  I have a grandson that lives in a trailer house by himself, one little guy in a trailer.  His bill was $56 last month, this month $222.

Flurry and other residents blame their higher bills on the new digital meter readers that were installed at the beginning of December. Those new meters make it possible for the meters to be read without employees coming out and reading them manually.

David Collier, with TXU Electric and Delivery, said, "We changed out those meters, like we've shown in the past.  However, if a consumer is having an issue with their bill, they need to contact their retail electric provider and discuss that with them."

Ron Fan, another Zavalla resident, said, "I called them and they said possibly my meter was wrong, the old meter was wrong and the new meter is calibrated differently."

TXU Electric and Delivery is only the supplier, but there are several power retailers these residents share.

I tried to contact several retailers Tuesday for an explanation. TXU Energy returned my call. They said it sounds like there is a mistake on the Flurrys' bills and they promised to send someone to check it out. A rep also said that if a lot of their customers have the same complaint, they would check into that whole area.