Mize Department Store Plans To Close

by Donna McCollum

Mize Department Store, a landmark in Nacogdoches, is closing.  Going out of business signs plaster the store windows that normally display stylish, high quality clothing. The doors were locked. Right now, management is not providing any reasons for the unexpected liquidation.

The family owned business has been in Nacogdoches since the 1930s.  Darnelle Reedy, now a senior citizen recalled, "I shopped there when I graduated from SFA in 1939.  I just drove by here this morning, going somewhere down that way, and came home and told him [her husband] that, 'Did you know Mize is going out of business?' I can't believe it."

Her husband, Joe, said, "You could always depend on them. They always had everything, just about."

The Reedys and a lot of other good customers will be back on Thursday morning. That's when Mize opens the doors for the big sale. One employee told us the store will remain open until everything, including the fixtures is sold.