Iraq Strategy

by tashun chism

As President Bush gets ready to address the nation on a New Iraq strategy, East Texans have mixed opinions. Some don't like the plan to send in more troops.

"I'm kind of biased because I had a brother killed in Vietnam in 1968. So my answer and my family's answer would be no. Don't send anymore of our young men over there to be killed," said one Lufkin lady."I really don't think it's a good idea to tell you the truth. The troops have been over there for so long already, and now he's about to send some more over there?"

Other East Texans think we should send more troops and support the President's decision.

"If we go ahead and bring them home now, we've not accomplished anything but made us look weak. And then I think it's going to open us up to more attacks because we're going to go in there and have to do what we went in there to do. So I definitely think we need to finish what we started. If it means more people, it means more people. But I just think we need to get in there and get it done and bring them home and not keep playing games," one Lufkin man said.

"I think that as our commander and chief that whether he makes a bad decision or he makes a good decision, as our commander in chief we have to take his orders and turn and execute. And if in the end he decides there's another way of doing things whether it be better or just another way in general that we need to follow those orders just like the first ones," said an East Texas Army Recruiter.

No matter their opinions, East Texans, along with millions of other people worldwide, have to wait to hear all the details of the President's new strategy.