Lufkin Basketball Super Hero

As the Lufkin boys basketball team prepares for the open of district play on Friday, the Pack is beaming with confidence. You'd be excited too, if you played with a superhero. He's not the man of steel. He can't leap over tall buildings. But Xavier Roberson is a super hero, of sorts.

"He's my man. If we need it done, he's the guy." says Lufkin center Jamarcus Little.

His super powers won't save the world, but they can win basketball games. They call him X-Man.

"We call him Zay, but we can call him X," says Little.

"Alot of my friends call me X," says Lufkin guard Xavier Roberson.

And on the basketball floor X marks the spot.

From anywhere on the court.

"He's got the special ablity to score. And when he's not hitting from outside, he can get to the basket," says Lufkin head coach J.T. McManus.

But his powers are stronger on certain areas of the court.

"I like to shoot threes a lot," Roberson says with a grin.

"He works on his shot after practice. He's got a nice shot," mused his teammates.

That swagger has the Pack ready to fight for a district title.

Their teammates know that they have a super hero in the lineup.

Coach McManus said, "I believe he's one of the top players in east Texas right now."

He's the X-Man.