Some County Employees are Questioning Their Pay

by Ramonica R. Jones Close to 400 people work for the Angelina County tax assessor, sheriff, jail, and other county departments. Some of those employees work overtime during the week, but paying workers for extra hours is not included in the county's budget. Auditor Eddie Gray said that's because all departments try to be sufficiently staffed so very little overtime is anticipated. "The county pays employees time and a half for wages for anything over 40 hours worked in a week, with the exception of the law enforcement," Gray said. "Law enforcement is based on 271 hours in a four-week period or 28-day period." Sheriff's deputies who work more than 271 hours will see it as comp time on their payroll check. But some county employees believe they are working extra hours without being given enough extra pay or time off. That's why county employees with payroll questions are being urged to contact the county auditor, if they need clarification. But so far, no official complaints about overtime compensation have come in. "No complaint has come to this office concerning that and we do the payroll here, so I'm not aware of that complaint at all." At the start of employment, all county employees get a personnel manual explaining overtime pay in detail.