A Nacogdoches Soldier in Iraq Shares Views on Strategy

by Larry Little

Carra Liles placed an American flag and a yellow ribbon in front of her Nacogdoches home to show support for her husband, Army Master Sergeant Frank Liles, who is serving in Iraq. "It saddens me. He was ready for retirement. We had other plans, but he's a true soldier, so he was ready to fight for his country. This is what he's done for 20 years," Carra says.

Carra watched President Bush's speech last night. She supports his call for more troops in Iraq.

"I may or may not support this war, but I do support my president, and I support my troops, and I support my husband in this time of need," says Liles.

Carra receives calls from husband almost daily. This evening, he shared his views on the president's strategy.

"Well, I think it should have been done a long time ago. I think the troops should have been sent over when we needed them, because we are not getting the support from the Iraqis like we were promised to get," says Master Sergeant Liles. He is confident the troop surge will help and, hopefully, speed up his return home.

"He wants to be home. I'm sure all of the troops want to be home, but we are at war. We are American. We fight," says Carra Liles.