Concerns About Healthcare Workers Backgrounds

by Larry Little About a year ago Justin Modisette didn't know what was wrong so he went to the emergency room. They found he had high blood pressure. Justin needed help with his medical condition and he trusted the staff at an East Texas hospital.   "I counted on them being good at what they do and being professionals," says Justin Modisette. Justin also trusted their character, but as two criminal investigations continue in East Texas, questions are being raised about the character of hospital workers. Former Nacogdoches hospital employee, Tim Eubanks is accused of killing his wife last month.   Just days ago, Danna Parrozzo, a former Woodland Heights Employee claimed he sexually assaulted several elderly female patients while he was employed in area hospitals and nursing homes.  Eubanks and Parrozzo did not work at Memorial Hospital in Lufkin, but Memorial's HR Manager Amelonee Amie explained their hospital hiring procedures. "We do have a policy that we must check the background checks, that's part of our policy, we do criminal background checks. It is for the safety of our employees and the patients that come into the hospital," says Amelonee Amie. Justin Modisette welcomes tougher employee screenings for hospital safety. "You don't want somebody on drugs treating you for an illness or someone not in their right mind treating you when you go to the hospital," says Modisette.