An East Texas Band will Perform for Governor Perry

by Larry Little

Members of the band Neutral Ground describe themselves as just four East Texas men with a passion for music. "We are just kind of a couple of friends that play instruments. We just got together, started playing, jamming around, and then we started looking for a drummer, a bass player... that's how we got started," says Dane Randle.

The band recently played in Austin and the unthinkable happened. "We have a friend that invited us to come down and play at his Christmas party down in Austin, and the campaign manager for Rick Perry was at that party," says Randle. Rick Perry's campaign manager liked what she heard, and now Neutral Ground will be making another trip to Austin to perform at Governor Perry's inauguration festivities.

"I think it's a great opportunity for us. I'm really not sure how this all came about. I think just the right time, right place, and us playing good music," says Greg Fuller. "It's awesome - best opportunity we've had. This is a wonderful experience for us," says Randle.