Most East Texans are Ready for the Cold Snap

by Ramonica R. Jones The weather outside was frightful Monday and people were in and out of the Lufkin Home Depot all day, filling their shopping carts with products and supplies to heat their homes. Heaters and pipe insulation were suddenly in high demand inside for people determined to fight the freezing temperatures outside. Manager Dale Thompson said, "Eventually [the store] will sell out, but as of today we're looking pretty good. We've got some stock here, we're ready to sell and ready for some business." And shoppers weren't just worried about their comfort during the cold snap. "I had a few come in here and pick up a dog house, and the dog house cover for it, and the dog house door," Thompson said.  A generator is among several things Heather Ellis stocked up on to stay warm in this wintry weather. "We bought a heater," said Ellis. "We're getting gas and stuff for the generator, so, yeah, I think we're prepared." Employees there are busy helping customers choose from the many kinds of generators and other heating sources available. Making the right choice for your home can not only keep you warm, but also save you money. Remember, you should never use a stove or oven to heat your home. Always use a regulated home-heating appliance like an oscillating heater or space heater. And be sure to keep at least three feet of clearance around it.