Heart Healthy Meals

If you are diabetic, picking the right foods can be difficult.

Janet Catron, of Hudson, found out she's diabetic four years ago. So, once a month, she attends a special cooking class at Memorial hospital in Lufkin.

Catron said, "It's fun! I've been coming about two years. I may not always do everything they say, but you can add to it.  You can change things around, and it has been a lot of fun."

Class members are taught to stay away from salt, and use lots of spices and herbs instead.

Ethel Ballenger, a dietician, said, "We try to encourage people to tell them that food can taste good. Eat less salt.  You can remove fat, rather than adding, by baking, broiling, or grilling."

Catron said, "You don't eat near as much salt as you used to. I've been told you can eat nearly about anything you want, just in moderation."