Lufkin Police Report - 01/16/07


Twenty-two accidents have been reported to the Lufkin Police Department since midnight.  Only one of those was initially reported as a minor accident.  The bulk of those accidents were reported on east Loop 287, Denman Ave, and Lufkin Ave.

The Lufkin Police Department encourages motorists to exercise great caution. Avoid travel, if possible.  Keep speeds down to safe level - even lower than the posted limit, in most cases - and be aware that most overpasses in the area have at least some ice on them.  Efforts are being made to keep gravel or sand on the overpasses, but accidents are still occurring.

* * * * * * *

DEAD ON SCENE:  700 block of Jefferson St.  A 73-year-old woman passed away at her home just after midnight.  The woman had been under Hospice care for some time.  The death appeared to be from natural causes.

BURGLARY OF A HABITATION:  600 block of Lazy Oaks.  A man reported that someone entered his apartment and stole a 27" flat screen TV and a DVD player sometime late Monday night.

ASSAULT:  200 block of E. Polk.  A woman reported that her ex-boyfriend grabbed her by the throat, choked her, and threw her against a wall Monday afternoon.

ASSAULT:  0 block of Trailwood.  A woman reported that her husband threatened her life during an argument.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  0 block of Trailwood.  A man loaned his car to a woman friend.  The woman's husband didn't like the car parked in his garage and damaged the bumper trying to pull it out of the garage using a chain and a second vehicle.  The owner of the damaged car wants to file charges.

ROBBERY:  1500 block of Williams St.  A woman reported that she was giving her ex-boyfriend a ride home when he began acting "crazy".  The woman stopped and the suspect grabbed $50 out of her car console.  The victim tried to stop him and the suspect hit her several times and threw her to the ground before fleeing.  The victim had slight bleeding from her lip.

FRAUD:  1200 block of S. Chestnut Dr.  A woman reported that her name and identifying information was being used by someone else.  The woman didn't know who, but learned that the photo at a local check cashing store was not her image, despite using her name and SS #.

CREDIT CARD ABUSE:  4600 block of S Medford Dr. A woman reported an unauthorized charge on a credit card that she had cancelled back in 2004.  It appears that the account was reactivated by someone without the victim's knowledge and one charge was made on the card.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  900 block of Ellis Ave.  A rock was thrown through the window of a business sometime between Saturday and Monday.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE:  1800 block of Atkinson Dr.  A car was broken into over the weekend and a large stereo speaker box was stolen from the trunk.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  2603 Paul St. (Kiddie Land Daycare).  A business sign was damaged over the weekend.  It's possible that a car ran over the sign for Kiddie Land Daycare.