Police say SLOW DOWN

Lufkin police have not slowed down this morning. They say they have responded to at least 22 accidents since midnight.

Most of the accidents are minor, and almost all of them are on or near Loop 287 in Lufkin. Police Lt. David Young says drivers continue to lose control due to patches of ice on the road way. In fact, TxDOT has been out all morning, laying more gravel on the roads.

Signs are posted throughout the area, warning of the possible dangers from icy roads. However, some drivers are ignoring those warnings. The Highway 59 ramp, heading south toward Houston, in front of the Lufkin Mall, is still closed. Experts say the key is for drivers to slow down and heed the warning signs - adjust your driving to the conditions of the road and weather.

Drivers say using extreme caution helps, but it's no guarantee that you'll be able to escape the wrecks, as Lufkin motorist Ricardo Ibarra found out this morning. "We was driving. We weren't going fast or nothing, but these roads are so slick, and we just lost control, you know. It was pretty bad."

Nacogdoches and surrounding counties have also reported several minor accidents. Several East Texas schools decided to delay or cancel the start of classes due to the predicted inclement weather.

Schools are also closed today in Austin and in San Antonio, Texas, after a remnant of the storm system spread more sleet and snow.

If you would like to check on highway conditions across the state, the Texas Department of Transportation has a toll-free phone number to you can call, it's 1-800-452-9292.