Lufkin Police Report - 01/11/07

BURGLARY OF A HABITATION:  900 block of Carver St.  A woman was awakened by a loud noise coming from her living room.  The woman went to check on the noise and saw a man with a gun standing by a broken window.  The suspect told her to get back or he would shoot her.  The woman hid in a back room until police arrived.  The woman reported that her purse was stolen.  She was not injured.

RETALIATION:  300 block of Homer St.  A juvenile reported that another juvenile is threatening him and wanting to fight for getting the suspect in previous trouble with the police.

ASSAULT:  2600 block of S. First St.  A woman reported an assault that occurred on Saturday.  The woman said a male friend was touching her on the behind and breasts and she told him to stop.  The man became angry and hit her in the arm, causing her pain.

HARASSMENT:  400 block of Dale St.  A woman reported that the father of her baby keeps calling her and cursing her out.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE:  4200 block of N. Medford Dr.  A man reported that his luggage, containing clothing and a laptop computer, were stolen from the back of his pickup Tuesday night at the motel where he spent the night.  The pickup had a camper shell that was locked, but someone pried it open and stole the luggage.