Lufkin Police Work Nearly 40 Wrecks

Gravel on the roads, big signs, closed ramps, and closed bridges - all are in place around Lufkin to help keep drivers safe. But, all the precautions did not stop accidents from happening.

Throughout the day police worked wreck after wreck after wreck.

Chris Carroll, with the Lufkin Police Department said, "We've had several accidents.  There is lots of patchy ice on certain overpasses."

There is no doubt that the bridges were a big problem Monday morning.  In fact, you can still see the ice on the bridge and the guardrail.

Ricardo Ibarra, from Lufkin, said, "We were just driving. We weren't going fast, but it was just so slick we lost control, you know. It was pretty bad."

It was a scary few moments for this family.  Officers expect to see more crashes Tuesday night.

Alberto Ibarra, with the Lufkin Police Department, said, "People, as they get off work and school, slow down, whether on the loop or overpasses.  I know the speed limit says 55 MPH, but at least try to go 30 or 35 MPH on the overpasses, until you clear, and then you can pick up your speed."