Lufkin Police Report Poor Road Conditions

Weather related accidents in Lufkin are down significantly today, but some are still occurring.  The Lufkin Police Department had seven accidents reported between midnight and 9:40 a.m. Wednesday.

Bridges and overpasses in the area are iced over, and patchy ice may be found on virtually any road surface.  We expect the weather to continue to be cold, and ice accumulation is possible.  Motorists are encouraged to exercise great caution and only travel when absolutely necessary today.

At this time, only the high overpass at 59 South and Loop 287 (southbound feeder off Loop 287) continues to be closed.  It was also closed yesterday.

The Lufkin Police Department is asking motorists to avoid bridges and overpasses if at all possible, and to not travel unless absolutely necessary.  Patrol officers report conditions mostly unchanged from earlier today.