East Texas Doctor Honored

By Tashun Chism

Dr. Bill Newton is a man who's held many titles in his lifetime. He's a licensed plastic surgeon, and an active Lt. Colonel in the United States Army Reserve. He was honored by friends and colleagues at the Woodland Heights Medical Center for his services.

"Things like this - I wouldn't expect this at all, and people have been very supportive of me, and it's very humbling of them to be so supportive. It's very humbling. You need that support in order to go do these types of things," said Newton.

Dr. Newton has worked as a plastic surgeon here in East Texas for 10 years, but a little over three months ago, he was chosen to work at the prestigious Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC, where he used his skills to care for U.S. soldiers who'd been wounded in Iraq.

"I just felt like I did my job and what I was asked to. Now, I'm trying to get back to practice, trying to get my practice back open, and start to do the day to day things," Newton added.

Dr. Newton is modest about his work at Walter Reed and all the awards and recognition he's received through the years. However, he says he really enjoyed the experience.

"It was a very educational experience. I'm very proud of it, but now it's time to go back to working for the community of Lufkin."

Dr. Newton says, while he enjoys practicing here in East Texas, if he were called to serve his country again, he'd do it without hesistation.