Schools, roads returning to normal in Texas

After nearly a week of bone-chilling

temperatures, some parts of the central and western U-S are getting

back to normal.

Texas students were back in class today, and state officials are

opening most roadways closed by the ice storm. That includes a

300-mile stretch of Interstate Ten, closed two days ago due to icy

conditions. The Alamo in San Antonio is also back in business.

But in Oklahoma, many schools remain closed. And 69-thousand

customers are still without power.

At least 66 deaths have been reported across nine states since

the cold snap took hold last week. The snow and sleet are now

hitting areas like North Carolina, where schools are closed in

several counties. This morning's death of a truck driver is being

blamed on slick road conditions.

In the west, the current reprieve may be short-lived.

Forecasters say another storm could bring up to eight inches snow

to the Plains by late tomorrow.