Schools and Livestock Recovering From Cold Snap

by Donna McCollum

East Texas students were back in class Thursday as the weather improved. Most everywhere, the start of school was delayed, but by ten in the morning, kids were back to the old routine.

Wednesday in Nacogdoches, just under 76% of the students were in class. That is more than 1500 students not at school. Superintendents are allowed to appeal penalties for a certain number of low attendance days.

Meanwhile, farm animals are still dealing with the chilly temperatures. Extended cold weather can be tough on cattle and horses. Some ranchers are increasing livestock rations to help them produce more energy.

Chad Gulley, Texas Extension agent for Nacogdoches County, says preparation is the key. "Financially, it's a little tougher, but you know, as far as physically trying to get your livestock in pastures where you have trees and cover, horses, trying to get them out of the weather as much as possible. These chicken houses, they start turning their heaters on more and trying to keep up to date on those."

Bad weather prompted the cancellation of a livestock auction Thursday in Nacogdoches. This hurts the pocketbooks of both the sale barn operators and the cattlemen.