Lufkin Dress Code

by Tashun Chism

The Lufkin ISD has decided to adopt a new standardized dress code. In the past, school uniforms were only worn at a few Lufkin schools. But, starting next school year, they'll be required at all Lufkin ISD elementary and middle schools.

"The school board has really encouraged me to explore this for several years now, but we phased it in. And we have such support now from our community groups and our city that we think it's time just to do it. It makes it easier for the kids and for the adults as well - for the moms and dads," said Lufkin ISD Superintendent Roy Knight.

The new dress code consists of tucked-in collared shirts. The shirts can be any color, but can't have a logo. The change is designed to make it easier on parent's pockets and easier for students to focus in class.

"I think it's the wrong message to kids that what's more important is how you look rather than what goes on between your ears," said Knight.

School uniforms are not widely sold in East Texas now, mainly because there hasn't been a big demand. But the Lufkin School District has a deal pending with East Texas clothing vendors that should benefit both uniform sellers and parents.

"What we've asked each of our local clothing vendors to do is if they would agree to carry uniforms year round, we would include them on a list to parents of our school vendor carriers. So, our parents would have more access to more opportunies year round," Knight added.

Lufkin school leaders say the biggest goal is to make the transition to a dress code as smooth as possible for everyone involved.