Christmas Travel Safety

The holidays are the busiest time of the year on the roads. Millions of Americans load up for a trip to visit family and friends. With all those people on the road, Department of Public Safety officials say you need to be prepared.

"Plan ahead of time." Advised Trooper Greg Sanches. "Make sure to leave early enough that you're not in a rush, because a lot of times drivers you see that are in a hurry get going too fast and things like that."

Sanches says it's also important to talk to your family about safety before making the trip. Many people will travel to different cities or states. Sanches says if you feel you're headed in the wrong direction, don't be afraid to ask for help.

"A lot of times, they really don't get directions as well as they need to and if they're unsure of that, they just need to pull over and look at the map or ask someone." Said Sanches. "Don't slow down or stop too fast or even take the wrong exit. Those kind of things lead to accidents."

There is no need to panic if you get lost while traveling, a simple phone call could quickly get some help.

"This holiday if you get stranded or your car breaks down we do have a number for people to call 1-800-525-5555, or if you have a cell phone dial *DPS." added Sanches "This is for non-life threatening situations."

In order to have a safe and Merry Christmas this holiday season, Sanches says safety is the most important thing to remember if you're going to be on the road.