Move It Motivator Visits the Doctor

by Donna McCollum

Our Move It Motivator is planning a big move in her weight management plan. Next month, Katelynn Marshall will get a personal trainer. But, before hitting the treadmill, Katelynn is getting advice from a doctor.

"Let me just go through what we generally do when we help people manage their weight." Dr. George Hugman agreed to meet with Katelynn. The physician is interested in weight management programs for children. He knows to get answers to the important questions.

"What about your family history? Do you have a lot of diabetics in your family?," Hugman asks Katelynn.

"My grandfather on my dad's side and my grandmother on dad's side - they're both diabetics, and then my mom's dad is a diabetic," Katelynn replies.

Katelynn also has high blood pressure in her family. The risks are serious, but Katelynn can help prevent them for herself by managing her weight early on in life.

The doctor needs some information to compare Katelynn's progress. Height, weight, and skin fold caliber measurements are a starting point.

"Now, Katelynn and I are going to step into the exam room and do some measurements to show where she's starting on her weight reduction program," Hugman says. Katelynn adds, "Be back in a minute."

Fewer calories and more exercise leads to weight loss. With anyone, but particularly children, it's important to do that wisely. A loss of one pound of weight a week is plenty.

"I'm all done. I've been skin folded," Katelynn says.

After all the measuring, Katelynn learns from the body mass index why it's so important to follow through.

Dr. Hugman tells Katelynn, "That puts you in the red zone here, the zone which is associated with health risks - those things like diabetes and high blood pressure and heart disease."

Our Move It Motivator is really determined now.

"When I do - I'm positive, when I do lose weight, I have to keep this going."

And that's what Dr. Hugman wants for all young people to learn. Weight management and proper fitness should be a life long trend.