Police Report E-Mail Scam

Lufkin Police recently received notice from a Utah law enforcement agency that a new e-mail scam has been circulating.  This scam can target almost anyone, but seems to have been directed at a number of dentists around the country, including some in Utah, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico.

The targeted victim receives an e-mail from an untraceable account that purports to be from a "hit man" hired by someone closed to the targeted victim.  The supposed hit man states that he has followed the victim and knows the victim to be innocent of the accusations that brought forth the supposed murder plot.

The "hit man" reports to have second thoughts and offers to call off the murder for hire for a designated sum of money, usually $20,000.  The "hit man" even offers to provide an audio tape of the person who hired him to commit the murder when the money is paid.

This is a scam.  Anyone who receives such an e-mail should notify their local law enforcement agency about it.  Keeping both the electronic copy and a printed copy for evidence may be helpful.