Unique Housing Complex Being Built in Lufkin

The Omni Residence is a direct result of a recent study done by the City of Lufkin. The Community Development Plan found there is not enough adequate housing for senior citizens with disabilities.

Omni board member, Joe Douglas, said, "We did not see any services allocated towards those who are seniors and disabled, and this particular project is going to benefit those who are in need of housing."

People living in the Omni residence will be charged based on their income. The million dollar project has been in the works for three years. The homes will be owned and operated by members of Community Bible Tabernacle. It'll be the only housing for disabled seniors in Lufkin.

"There is an opportunity for those who are disabled who are in need of housing to apply," Douglas said.  The Section 8 homes are designed for single seniors, but accommodations will be made for residents who need live-in assistance.

This is only the first phase of the project. More homes like these will be built in the future. The 17-unit homes are located on Highway 69 North at Kurth Drive.

For a housing application for Omni Residence, contact Ministry in Action. The phone number is (936) 634-8899.