Making a Difficult Decision

Grizelda Monreal, now a grandmother, had a difficult time when she found out her young daughter was pregnant. Monreal said, "I didn't know what to do.  The first thing that came to my mind is that she is not going to have this baby. She can't - she only 14." But, if she hadn't, smiling baby Gianna would never have been born, something her grandmother can't imagine.

Brizeda Monreal, the young daughter, said, "It hurt to hear my mom.  She was like my best friend. She was the only one telling me that I couldn't have it."

When the family felt like they had nowhere to turn, they headed to the Heartbeat Pregnancy Center, where they were offered an ultrasound that would change their lives. Deanna Still, the executive director of the center, said, "Usually, as soon as they see the ultrasound, they know they are going to have the baby."

The grandmother said, "I was being very negative.  As soon as we did the ultrasound, and when I heard that little baby heartbeat, it was like somebody telling me 'see, this is what you're going to let go.'"

Even with all the joy Gianna brings her, the 15-year-old mother says it's definitely difficult raising a little one. Monreal said, "I maybe would've been a little more careful, but since it happened, I would rather not go back and think about 'oh, I should've never done it,' because she's here now."

Gianna's middle name is Neveah, "heaven" spelled backwards. And for this family, she's become their little piece of heaven.