S.F.A. Brings the House Down

by Ryan Peterson

Tom House pitched 12 big league seasons and will be the first to tell you he wasn't the most gifted athlete. That's why he's devoted the last 15 years to performance research in sports. House's goal is to make sure all parents, coaches, and athletes know how they can pitch longer, more effectively, and in better health.

House was the guest speaker at S.F.A. baseball and softball's Meet the Jacks.

"I've got a commitment to any of these guys that are buddies of mine, that if I can help them out with their program or professional careers, I show up. And that's why I'm here."

The author and former pitcher talked for about two hours about helping young athletes succeed, physically as well as emotionally. It's a message House has spread across the country.

"The message is that baseball's a wonderful game, but it can do much better with information that's available. It's a conventional wisdom sport that a lot of what we've been teaching doesn't hold up under current research."