Leggett Native Extraordinary Off the Basketball Floor

Since her days at Leggett High School, Sha Tonya Mays has always been special on the basketball floor. However, it's off the court that Mays has proven to be extraordinary.

Sha Tonya knows the heartache of losing on the basketball court, but it's even tougher when the losses come off the floor.

"My grandpa - he was like my father. He died in 2001. That left just me and by grandmother."

Six years later, Mays is trying to make a name for herself.

The Angelina College Ladyrunner hopes to continue playing basketball, and is pursuing a degree in nursing. "Through everything, I will not quit going to school 'cause I want to get my education."

For Mays, that hasn't been easy.

Her grandmother suffers from diabetes and has lost both of her legs.

On top of her studies and basketball, Mays cares for her Grandma every night. "They were going to put her in the old folks home, and I wasn't for that."

So, she drives to Leggett every night, then gets up bright and early each day with little rest.

Mays admits her long days take a toll, but she's not worried. "Lord, have mercy! Give me strength."

One look at her life and trials shows the 5'5" hoopster has plenty of strength.