Gun Safety

by Tashun Chism

Police say a Lufkin man recently shot his teenage daughter after mistaking her for an intruder. "In a lot of these cases, mistaken identity is a real concern, and in this particular case, the young lady did what a lot of young people do, and she was sneaking back in and made too much noise," said Lufkin Police Lt. David Young.

The girl, whose wound was non fatal, was shot in the upper chest with a .22 caliber pistol. She was treated at Memorial hospital and released the next day.

Lufkin police say gun owners have a right to protect their homes, but the situation could have been avoided. "The state law does allow a person to protect their home, and they have the right to use deadly force if they fear for their life. In this case, it was a tragic mistake. An 18-year-old daughter was shot by her own father, and I think the one thing the father wishes he had done was to announce what his intentions were or to make an announcement before he pulled the trigger. That may have saved this young lady a lot of pain," said Lt. Young.

Experts say it's important for gun owners to use gun safety. Lufkin police say, when it comes to shooting an intruder in your home, the best thing you can do is warn the intruder before pulling the trigger. "If you give fair warning, and they take off running, you've accomplished the same purpose, and you didn't have to take a human life," said Lt. Young.