Citizens on Parking Patrol

by Larry Little

Lufkin Police Officer Randy Stallard has been in law enforcement for nearly 14 years. "It just sounded like an exciting job. I was doing things out in Ft. Worth, and I started trying to get in out there, [but] couldn't get in. I moved to Lufkin and got on here," says Stallard.

Stallard knows his job can be dangerous. "It can be dangerous, but we go through a lot of trouble to incorporate safety measures. Sometimes, you get into things that are a little scary, but for the most part, it's a job," says Stallard.

Stallard says having unpredictable days has kept him in this profession. A part of Stallard's job is also writing tickets for people who illegally park in handicapped spaces. Lufkin police can't catch all violators, though, so the department is hoping to recruit East Texans to join Citizens on Parking Patrol. Members won't drive a squad car or wear the uniform, but will write tickets, cracking down on handicapped parking violations.

If you would like to join, call Lt. David Young at 936-633-0356 for more information.

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