Are Some People Abusing Rehab Services?

David Cozadd, Director of Operations, Burke Center, Lufkin (KTRE Photo / Dusty Hutson)
David Cozadd, Director of Operations, Burke Center, Lufkin (KTRE Photo / Dusty Hutson)

by Ramonica R. Jones

"It seems that there's been a rash of public officials, actors, actresses, [and] politicians who have misbehaved, said racist things or anti-Semitic comments, who have turned around and checked into a facility for psychiatric or substance abuse services," said David Cozadd, Director of Operations for the Burke Center. "So I can see where the public might be a bit suspicious."

Any form of rehabilitation is taken very seriously. That's why anyone who goes to the Burke Center will go through an intense screening process. That screening helps substance abuse counselors identify who truly has a problem and who is using rehab to get their family, friends, and employers off their back. But the road to recovery should never be considered a quick fix for a real problem.

"It's going to take more than a few days," Cozadd said. "In a few days, maybe a lot can be accomplished towards moving the individual in a right direction and beginning the process of getting help, but as far as fixing a very serious problem; more than likely takes weeks, months, [or] years."

Celebrities that are often in and out of rehab may be trying to clean up their image, but Cozadd believes that's not necessarily a bad thing.

"Maybe there's some indication that there's a lessening of the stigma associated with mental illness and alcohol and drug dependency if they would rather be in such a program versus owning up to their misdeeds."

But simply owning up to a mistake and accessing professional help does not mean someone has really accepted and recovered from a problem. Beating drug and alcohol addiction requires a long-term commitment, counseling, and making the right choices.

There is no longer a residential substance abuse or psychiatric treatment center in Lufkin. The nearest inpatient rehab facilities are in Beaumont and Longview. The Peavy Switch Center in Lufkin shut down due to financial reasons.