The Spanking Debate

by Larry Little

Lillie Benfit has a 19-month-old son. She and her husband don't believe spanking him is the best way to discipline their child.

"We put him in timeout and tell him 'no' real stern. That's about it," Lillie says. Lillie believes children under three are too young to understand why they are being spanked. "I don't believe in it. I don't think it should be done. They are still learning. They shouldn't be hit for it," says Benfit.

A California lawmakers agrees. She wants parents to be charged with a misdemeanor for spanking children three and under.

Some East Texans welcome the legislation here in East Texas, but Courtney Casper disagrees with the no spanking legislation. "I think a parent should have the right to choose how they punish their children. I think over-extensive spanking could lead to abuse, but if you hit immediately after the act, I think that punishment is fine," Courtney says.

For now East Texas parents say they will continue to use their discipline of choice whether it be spanking or timeout.