Residents Say Prostitutes Common Sighting

Tree lined streets lead to an older Nacogdoches neighborhood in close proximity to the 1200 block of Douglass Road. That's where the alleged prostitutes were arrested. Resident Lollie Moreno isn't surprised.    " Just by looking at it you can tell what's a drug deal and what's prostitution. The girls stop the cars and stuff like that." Lollie's daughter, Valerie, said her boyfriend was even approached.    " A girl actually followed him down here, stopped him and asked, told him, ' Follow me this way.' he said, ' No, I'm here visiting my girlfriend,' and she said, ' You can just go with us for a minute,' and literally she told him, ' Follow us down this way.' He told her, ' No,' and just walked away and she took off."

Neighborhood Crime Watch signs display that some residents want their neighborhood back, but vandalism and crime continue to make its presence known.  Valerie and Lollie are so concerned about their safety that they're actually moving out of their home to what they hope will be a safer neighborhood. Valerie's car has been burglarized three times and she's afraid to let her children play outside in her small yard.

Even though the women will soon be gone, they are pleased to hear the street crime unit is at work.    Lollie said, " Them doing something about it, it helps because we're not safe coming outside in the dark, not even to take a walk down the block." Valerie agreed. " It will do good not seeing them all walk around the street being bad influence. I've got three girls of my own. I wouldn't want them doing that on the street."