Is Tom Brady the New Derek Jeter?

Football star Tom Brady, left, and baseball star Derek Jeter are climbing the celeb A-list as both enjoy high-profile off-the-field lives. (Getty Images)
Football star Tom Brady, left, and baseball star Derek Jeter are climbing the celeb A-list as both enjoy high-profile off-the-field lives. (Getty Images)

by Andrea Canning, ABC News

Is New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady giving America's No. 1 sports hunk, Derek Jeter, a run for his money when it comes to scoring off the field as the next big thing?

Brady seems to be acting the part. The Super Bowl champion with the million dollar smile and all-American good looks is now said to be dating supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who has been linked to surfer Kelly Slater and actors Josh Hartnett and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Brady's failed relationship with his girlfriend of three years, ABC's "Six Degrees" star Bridget Moynahan, may have paved the way for a new romance with the 26-year-old Victoria's Secret sweetheart.

Does Brady's new cool life sound familiar?

New York Yankees' shortstop Jeter, who also boasts movie star looks and a mega bank account, trades in young starlets more often than baseball cards.

Jeter has been linked to "TRL's" Vanessa Mannillo, actress Jordana Brewster, singer Mariah Carey and, most recently, actress Jessica Biel.

Could Brady be moving in on Jeter's turf as the athlete men want to be and women want to marry?

It's All About Stats

With three Super Bowl titles, 29-year-old Brady stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 225 pounds. The California boy has a laid-back style, hazel eyes and an enviable body. He's held the honor of being one of People magazine's 50 most beautiful. In 2005, Forbes ranked him No. 52 among the 100 most powerful and rich celebrities. Brady has had endorsement deals with Nike, Visa and Sirius Satellite Radio.

With four World Series rings, 32-year-old Jeter stands at 6 feet 3 inches, and weighs 195 pounds. The New Jersey native, with sparkling blue eyes and glowing skin, was also named one of People's most beautiful. In 2005, Forbes ranked him No. 38 on that same 100-most-powerful-and-rich celebrity list, and placed his worth at more than $100 million. Jeter has represented companies like Nike, Gatorade and ConAgra.

Ashley Rothschild, a Los Angeles image and lifestyle expert told ABC News, "The longevity of a sports star's earning potential is short, and Brady should take full advantage of whatever new fame he can capitalize on now."

Rothschild added, "The NFL star is highly promotable, and landing in the tabloids has only raised his profile with women."

Millions have swooned over Jeter for years, but Nichole Bigley of Atlanta told ABC News, "Jeter is yesterday's news. Brady is cuter with 'charming' looks, but I hope the new bachelor will stay wholesome."

Still, Bettina Hill of Baltimore, said, "I'm no Yankees fan, but Derek seems really charming and likable. When he hosted "Saturday Night Live," I could tell he had a really good sense of humor. With looks and personality, he has the total package."

The Image of Fame

But is Brady's and Jeter's fame among the masses gaining steam because of their image or the image of the famous women they date?

Katrina Szish, contributing ABC News correspondent and Us Weekly contributing editor said, "A single Tom Brady wouldn't make celebrity headlines unless he had a supermodel or an actress on his arm.

"Derek Jeter has made entertainment headlines solely because of the high-profile women he dates. He only makes the headlines when he's dating a celebrity."

"Among the celebrity-obsessed, no one really cares about who Derek or Tom are dating, but they do care about who Gisele and Jessica Biel are dating," said Szish.

"These men may be handsome and successful, but they only make the celebrity A-list because of who they're dating, or at least rumored to be dating. Being photographed with a gorgeous woman is never a bad way to raise your profile -- kind of a win-win situation for these guys.

"As athletes, they are somewhat immune from the intense scrutiny that mainstream celebs get, but they undoubtedly profit from their liaisons."

The latest issue of Us Weekly reports that Biel and Justin Timberlake are rumored to be romantically involved, so it looks as if Jeter hasn't sealed the deal with Jessica.

Tamara Derosia of Madison, Conn., told ABC News, "I will continue to be a fan of both Brady and Jeter as long as they don't date Paris Hilton or Tara Reid."

What about Cameron Diaz? She's single -- stay tuned.

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Posted by R. Smith