Have You Been Checked for HPV?

If you or someone you know is sexually active this is an important message. Human Papilomavirus, also known as HPV is more common than you may realize.

The virus affects both men and women. In 2005, about 20-million Americans had genital HPV. And, more than 6-million new cases are diagnosed every year.

What is alarming is that because there are no signs or symptoms of HPV you probably wouldn't know you had it. If left untreated, it could lead to cervical cancer.

But, there are some preventative treatments.

Sarah Adams, with the Angelina County and Cities Health District, "Right now, the manufacturers only have the vaccine available for females age nine through 26 years of age, we will offer it at the health district.  It's a statewide vaccine and you will be able to get it for $10 a dose."

The Angelina County and Cities Health District should be receiving the Gardasil vaccine by the third week in February.