Tax Deadline Creates Opinions About Appraisal Caps

In Nacogdoches property taxpayers lined up at the appraisal office even before the doors opened. There was a deadline to beat. For some it's a necessary evil. Taxpayer Pamela Denum said, " Our property taxes are killing us." I'm paying $100,801.55. I know it without even looking because it was really hard to write that check." Denum is paying taxes for an apartment complex.

The Texas Legislature is trying to make tax day easier by recommending appraisal reform caps for city and county governments. State Representative Wayne Christian of Center said, "Basically what I find is a lot of the cities want appraisal caps. Understand, that property values are so high you can increase something a half cent in downtown Dallas and it completely raises tons of money." But the Republican legislator points out that in rural areas it wouldn't raise nearly as much. A five to eight percent cap has been recommended. There are county governments that don't like the idea because of all the unfunded mandates they have to pay for.

However, there are taxpayers ready for some relief.   Property owner Steve Cordova said,  " they place values on some of this property that you know you, you couldn't even sell it for the value if you were trying to sell it."

But to offset a property tax reduction there's another proposal of permitting local governments to enact a half-cent countywide sales tax.     With so many proposals, appraisers are taking the wait and see approach to see what the legislature decides. The issues change almost weekly. The wait to see what happens might not be as difficult as the wait taxpayers had to let go of their payments. Remember?, close to $101,000 for Denum.   She said,  " In fact, when I wrote that check I had $16.51 left in my checking account. It's really, really hard."