Heart Fair

by Larry Little

The line went on and on as dozens of East Texas concerned about their health attended the Woodland Heights Heart Fair at the Lufkin Mall Saturday morning. John Larue joked about how long he stood in line. "It's already caused me to miss my breakfast and I think it's gonna make me miss my lunch," says John Larue.

Mr. Larue says the wait is well worth because he hasn't seen a physician in years. "I shun anything with health. I don't go around doctors or hospitals or any of that stuff. I haven't been to a doctor in 15 years. If you go they may find something wrong with you," says Mr. Larue.

Mr. Larue is putting his health first in the new year. "They are going to screen my health. I'm just 81 years old, I may have problems and if I do I want to find out about before I get old," says Mr. Larue.

The staff at Woodland Heights are excited East Texans want to stop heart disease and diabetes. They say this free screening is the least they can do to help.