No Church Super Bowl Party

by Larry Little

Last year some East Texans spent Super Bowl Sunday at First Assembly of God Church in Lufkin,watching the big game for free, but this year the parking lot was empty because there is no Super Bowl party here. "We've had the Super Bowl party in the past. It's just an outreach opportunity. We have people invite their friends to the church, but we had decided months ago not to do it this year.

Church members did come up with a Super Bowl backup plan.  "So many people through their small groups just invited people into their home to watch the super bowl and maybe have a little devotion at half time," says Pastor Andy Salagaj. Even if the First Assembly of God Church wanted to have a super bowl party they couldn't because the NFL says it violate copy right laws.

This year, the NFL banned church Super Bowl parties, restricting the big game from being seen on screens larger than 55 inches.