Woman's Decomposing Body Sent to Beaumont for an Autopsy

Lufkin police may be in the middle of their first murder investigation of the year. The gruesome discovery of a woman's body came Tuesday afternoon near a field on Knight Street.

Ronney Smith said, "It ain't no crime. [It is a] nice street where it was at. It ain't nothing going on down there - that's family stuff."

Based on previous drug activity in that area, a man who found the body believes that may have led to her death.

DeAnthony Dodd said, "It's quiet, you don't hear too much - no fighting, no violence, nothing like that around here. I think it's drug-related."

The woman's decomposing body was found in a wooded area in a community known as Lufkin Land. Police have not identified her.

Lufkin Police Lieutenant David Young said, "We're not going to speculate on what may have been the cause of death at this time. We're not releasing any information on this. There are so many unknowns it's just too premature to speculate on some of these things and we're going to be cautious about what we release right now."

Authorities are hoping fingerprints will help them identify the woman and an autopsy will determine how she died. But for now, how she ended up in the field remains a mystery.

The woman's body has been sent to Beaumont for an autopsy. That will hopefully determine her cause of death and how long ago she died.