African American Leadership Series

An African American Leadership Series is in the final planning stages in Nacogdoches. District Judge Campbell Cox, with the help of Boris Caldwell,  is inviting African American social work professionals to address youngsters on Saturday about their jobs.

Judge Cox said, " Number one, what they do for a living, number 2, what it took for them to prepare to get there and number 3, why they like their job. Our hope is to spark an interest in some of the kids about a particular job. "

Ashley Gibson, works for the state's Family Protective Services. She will speak and draw from her own experiences.   " I've struggled in the past. I've had a rough childhood, but I still am successful and that anyone can do it."  Seven more speakers will join Gibson. The leadership series is Saturday, Feb. 10 from 2 p.m. To 5 p.m. at the Live Oak Missionary Baptist Church. Admission is free.