Huntington Pitcher Ready

by Jessica Cervantez

The Huntington softball team is ready to play.

The team is missing a star pitcher from last season, but her replacement is ready to go.

It's the power of the grunt and senior Jenny Winthrop who signed with Texarkana says, "Bring it." She knows there's big shoes to fill, following behind last year's dominant pitcher Anna Whiddon. It's going to be hard, but I think we'll be able to do it because of the practice that I've had this summer and we have a pretty good solid defense behind us."

Jenny Pitches everyday, travels to Tyler on Sundays for pitching, and goes home and pitches. It's that work ethic that will make her a success.

Coach Ruth Wright, "It just came easy for Anna." "Jenny has real good placement, a little bit of speed, placement good since last year," said senior teammate Maria Yount.

Jenny's been on varsity since her freshman year, but hasn't seen a play-off game. She was always the back-up pitcher for Anna whose now playing at Oklahoma State. So, the pressure is on this year, and it will be difficult without her best friend by her side. "It's going to be tough without her being here, always help me out, it's going to be tough."