Neighbor Fued

When Brian and Grace Sharp left Houston nine years ago and moved to their Alto ranch, they thought they'd be able to retire in peace and escape all the crime and danger of the big city. But they had no idea their next door neighbors would make their lives miserable.

"After his son coming over here and killed our cat and the pitbull incident again, I think he's trying to run us off," said Brian.

The Sharps claim their neighbor's 13-year-old son cut through their fence, disregarded the "no trespassing" sign in their yard, walked out by their pool and shot and killed their daughter's cat with a deer hunting gun. They say their neighbor's pitbull also came onto their property, tacked and killed their other cat and nearly killed their dog.

"We came here and we fell in love with the place, we bought it and we want to live our happy retirement out here. Our only problem is these tragedies that keep coming from next door here and it's clear in my mind that this guy is trying to run us clear out of East Texas," Brian said.

The Sharps tell us they filed complaints with Cherokee County Police, but nothing has been done to help them. They think that's because the neighbor boy's father is a former Cherokee County employee.

"He knows everybody. He knows the policemen. He knows everybody and we don't, and that's the reason the boy was never arrested even though he did the crime," said Grace.

Cherokee County law officials did not want talk on camera about the case, but gave us this statement:

"The case is still under investigation, and since it involves a juvenile, there have been no charges and no arrest made."

The Sharps say the neighbors refused to apologize for their son's actions and threatened them instead.

"He said, 'For your safety and for your good, I will give you advice,' and I said, 'what is that?' and he said, 'Pack your stuff and take your daughter and move to Houston where you came from,'" said Grace.

Grace is so afraid, she and her daughter left their spacious Alto ranch and moved to a small apartment in Lufkin. Brian is staying behind to protect the ranch and carries his gun with him at all times just in case the neighbors let their pitbulls loose again.

"This is where all our savings went to buy all this property. We're not allowed to have animals, we're scared to walk, we're scared to come to the house besides him staying over here and that's breaking the law. And we cannot get justice from anyone," Grace said.