Southall Present, Claybon Future

In 2007 S.F.A. football will return the top quarterback in the Southland Conference.  Senior Danny Southall will be expected to lead the Jacks to a conference title.

But after Southall there's no experience.   That has opened the door for Lufkin's Jeremy Claybon.   Claybon will be competing with three other freshman signal callers, but Jacks head coach J.C. Harper believes Claybon could the future of S.F.A.

Claybon is a play maker who accounted for 34 touchdowns and nearly five thousand yards in 2006.

"Jeremy's our guy," Harper says.  "I think the thing we know that Jeremy knows he's going to be our guy is because he sees what we do with Danny. Danny's going to be our guy next year. Danny's going to be the guy to take us to a championship."

"To me it's just some backyard football," Claybon adds.  "I mean S.F.A. is just right up the street and I picked them because I like their offense. I like the way they run zone reads and stuff like that. I think I can fit in well and do something for them."